How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor with Alcohol

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If you feel your car mass airflow sensor requires cleaning I will show you how to clean mass air flow sensor with alcohol and we will also answer some common question we get like “can you use wd40 to clean mass air flow sensor”? does maf cleaner work?

Then we will finally talk about a few mass air flow sensor cleaner alternative to use for your car MAF sensor.

Cars have lots of sensors and the mass airflow sensor is one of the most important ones.

The MAF is responsible for measuring the amount of air that will be transferred into the car’s engine.

The details that the sensor provides will be used to get the proper amount of gas in order for the car engine to have the correct air and gas measurement.

Just like every other component of a car, a mass airflow sensor can get dirty or dusty over time.

If this happens, it will not function properly and the performance of the car will drop drastically.

The best thing to do if you find out your MAF sensor is dirty is to clean it.

If the only problem with the MAF sensor is cleaning then, there is no problem. You can clean it lots of times without having to replace it.

Before you decide to clean your MAF sensor, there are certain symptoms you need to look out for.

Whenever you notice that your car is getting low gas, the engine is stalling after starting and it is idling low then, it might be time to clean the sensor.

Cleaning the sensor is not a difficult job, and as a car owner, you should be able to clean it yourself.

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What can I use to clean MAF sensor?

If your mass airflow sensor is dirty, you need to make sure you clean it immediately.

A dirty mass airflow sensor can threaten the engine of your vehicle and affect your gas mileage. You can clean your mass airflow sensor yourself with the following items:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Spray bottle
  • Plastic gloves and bag
  • Screwdriver
  • Rag
  • A mass airflow sensor cleaner
  • Paper Towel

Once you have gathered all the needed supplies, you should be able to get the job done as fast as possible. Cleaning the mass airflow sensor is quite easy to do. You need to be sure all the object you are using are clean and has no impurities.

Does MAF cleaner work

If you want to clean your mass airflow sensor, the best option is to opt for a MAF cleaner. It is one of the safest and most effective ways to clean the MAF sensor.

Your car engine performance relies so much on the MAF sensor. The car needs its readings to run smoothly and perform efficiently.

 A dirty or dusty sensor will affect the functions of the engine, the fuel economy, and the gear. If you get a MAF cleaner, you can get rid of any dirt or stain that might be affecting the workings of the mass airflow sensor. You need to purchase a cleaner that is effective and has a maximum performance.

A MAF cleaner will benefit your car sensor in so many ways. Chemicals can harm the sensor and its housing but a cleaner will not do that.

MAF cleaners will improve its air and fuel ratio, improve horsepower, and reduce rough idling greatly.

If you want to start cleaning, you need to locate the sensor and detach it from the vehicle. If you have not done this before, you can check the manual of your car for instructions.

When you remove it, it will be quite easy to clean. Put isopropyl alcohol inside the spray bottle. Once it is inside the bottle, spray the alcohol all over the sensor.

Do not try to scrub the sensor wires to avoid breaking. The alcohol will get rid of all the dirt on its own.

Since the MAF is now wet, drop it on the rag or towel and let it dry for a few hours. Make sure you place it in a place where it will not get damaged.

Once it is completely dry, put it back in the vehicle. Placing it in the vehicle when it is wet will give false readings, and can destroy the car’s engine.

How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor with Alcohol

  • To clean the mass airflow sensor, first you need to identify the MAF sensor beneath the hood of your car. Some mass sensor a located at the back of your air filter.
  • Next you have to take out the mass air flow sensor and to do this you need to consult with you owner’s manual for instruction on how to take it out.
  • Now you have to pour out the alcohol in a container or into a spray  bottle
  • If you are using a spray bottle simply spray the alcohol on the mass airflow sensor while making sure the wires of the MAF sensor is well covered. Also make sure not to rub or scrub wires to avoid breaking it.
  • Now place the wet mass airflow sensor in clear nans secure place where it will not be knocked over. Allow it to dry then place it back to your car. Please do not place back the sensor back into your car when the MAF sensor is not fully dry. Doing that can damage your car engine.

5 Mass airflow sensor cleaner alternatives

#1. CRC 05610 Mass Airflow sensor cleaner

This is a highly rated sensor cleaner that cleans the sensor safely and also protects it. It is proven to increase horsepower and improve the air-fuel ratio.

With this cleaner, you can reduce rough idling, pinging, and hesitation. It does not leave any residue and is safe for plastic. It is sold for $10.77. You can purchase it here.

#2. Gunk MAS6 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

This sensor cleaner is very active and improves the mass airflow sensor performance and your vehicle’s fuel economy. It is useful in eliminating dirt, grease, and flux.

Your engine can go back to its high performance and it reduces rough idling greatly. It is about $13.55. You can buy it here.

#3. Johnsen’s Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

This product has a high rating on the site due to its high performance. It is very safe to use and can be used easily.

You can use it to eliminate dirt, dust, and grease from the sensor. It is selling for about $7.28. You can purchase it here .

#5. Archoil Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

This product has a rapid cleaning power and leaves no residue after application. It is useful in restoring your engine lost power.

This is a mass airflow sensor cleaner that cleans the sensor quite well. It restores the engine and gets rid of any rough idling that could be affecting it. It is selling for about $25.32.

You can purchase it here .

Can you clean MAF sensor with electrical cleaner?

A dirty MAF sensor can reduce the performance of the car’s engine. It is important to get the right type of cleaner when cleaning it.

An electronic clean can get the work done quite well. However, there is no reason why one should not get a mass airflow cleaner since they are in the same price range.

Although the MAF cleaner is not easy to get, it is still advisable to get it.

Can I use wd40 to clean mass airflow sensor?

It is not advisable to use WD40 in cleaning your mass airflow sensor. It will leave deposits on your sensor which might worsen its condition. The best thing you can do is use a MAF sensor cleaner.

Can you clean mass airflow sensor with carb cleaner?

The carb cleaner is not advisable to use for cleaning your car Mass airflow sensor because it may be harmful or damage the plastic part of the mass airflow sensor.

The best option is to get a correct and effective MAF cleaner. I have listed some of the best in the market about which you can get on Amazon.

Can I use MAF cleaner on electronics?

Yes, you can totally use a mass airflow sensor cleaner on other electronics.


This post has answered most of the common questions asked when one is trying to clean the MAF sensor.

As a car owner, you need to look out for any sign that your MAF sensor needs cleaning. If cleaning does not do the work, you might consider a replacement.

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