6 Best cd lens cleaner & How to Fix a Car CD Player That Won’t Read

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Cd or a Dvd lens cleaner is something you need to have in your vehicle and in today’s article we have dvd and cd player lens cleaner reviews in the market.   And we are also going to look at how does a cd lens cleaner work and how to fix a car cd player that won’t read

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What is a CD Lens Cleaner?

A CD Lens cleaner features soft antistatic brushes on the disc, which lightly brush and clean the laser lens, thereby leading to enhanced quality of picture and sound with less playback. When a CD player is dirty, it can affect the sound quality and give error readings.

Before using  DVD lens cleaner on a player, it is best to first try out other discs to establish if the fault is from a dirty CD player that needs cleaning and not from a bad CD. If your Windows computer is unable to play CDs, then it points to a software issue and not a soiled CD drive.

This article discusses:

  • How does a CD lens cleaner work?
  • Why does my car CD player keep ejecting
  • How to fix a car CD player that won’t read
  • How to clean a slot loading CD player
  • How much does it cost to fix a car CD player
  • Where to buy CD lens cleaner

How Does a CD Lens Cleaner Work?

CD player cleaner disc for car are just like the usual DVDs, except with a little brush on one side. This brush is responsible for cleaning off dirt and dust from the lens as the DVD rotates. However, you have to ensure you don’t blow dust into the DVD player when cleaning the vents.

Some persons claim that the disc does not touch the laser lens so the cleaning action is impossible. However, this may be as a result of the discs you are making use of. So, instead of opting for music CDRs ensure you use high quality CDR’s and burn at 1x speed.

The brushes attached to the cleaning discs are only effective for brushing dust from the lens, but are not effective at cleaning smudges. The CD player cleaner disc for car may require the attention, but it’s ideal to have a maintenance schedule for all your dust magnets.

When buying a CD player cleaner disc for car, it is best to go for the one with the brushes. Some people prefer to open up the unit and use a CD cleaning solution to get everything back on track. Alternatively, you can also use the high pressure blow dust.

In some cases, the fault may be traceable to the recording deck not the CD player of the vehicle.

Why Does My car CD Player Keep Ejecting?

If the disc you want to play keeps getting ejected from your car CD player, then the fault may be from the disc or the CD player may require resetting.

Just follow the steps below to rectify the issue with why your car CD player keeps ejecting CDs.

Each of the steps listed below may be a possible solution to the fault. So, it is advisable to check if the CD gets accepted after completing each step. If the CD is no longer ejected, then it means the issue has been rectified.

Now let’s get started:

  1. Ensure your CD player is on and the car stereo runs accurately using the radio. It may necessitate you to service your radio if a fault is detected.
  2. Next, proceed to press the EJECT key to make certain a disc is not previously inserted.
  3. Confirm if the disc is correctly inserted into the CD player. If you insert the dist upside down, it will get ejected.
  4. The next thing you should do is to press the RESET button on the front of the car stereo.
  5. Then try other discs just to be certain that the fault isn’t from the disc you want to play.

If model-specific records are required to complete any of these steps, then check the operating instructions supplied with the product. 

How to Fix a Car CD Player that Won’t Read

Your car CD player may refuse to read or play audios, and instead shows a disc error message. When this happens, your player will not read the data, and as such will not play the CD. If it’s regularly skips and jumps tracks, then you have to check it out.

To rectify this problem, clean the laser lens in the radio because it may house dust which can block its image with accessing the information. It’s a different situation if your car stereo won’t read or play burned CDs. It may point to incompatibility issues. 

To clean the laser lens on a car CD player that won’t read or play discs, it is ideal to clean it with a cleaning disc. This establishes contact with the lens when the disc is pulled in and the brushes polish off any dirt.

It achieves all of this with no having to remove any screws and open up the car stereo for cleaning and dusting the inside.

This is very expedient and eliminates the odds of damaging your car CD player. They also come with CD cleaning solution.

So, on how to fix a car CD player that won’t read, start by:

1) Removing the DVD lens cleaner from the packet.

2) Then loosen the cap from the liquid bottle and dispense 3 to 4 drops onto the small brush at the disc bottom.

3) Insert it into the car stereo disc slot with the brush side facing downwards on the disc. Ensure it gets sucked into the drive.

4) Press play on the car stereo and let it play through the first track. With this ongoing, the disc is rotating very fast within cleaning the laser lens. This should continue for a couple of minutes.

5) Eject the cleaning disc from the car radio and slot in any music disc to check if you get any improvement of the music. If it still remains same, then it means the lifespan of the laser lens is approaching the end line and calls for a replacement. You can replace it with a brand new aftermarket alternative. It would be more expensive to repair it and it may still not function effectively in some cases.

How to Clean a Slot Loading CD Player

A dirty CD player can affect the sound quality and give error readings.

To clean a slot loading CD player:

  • Check the CD in the player to confirm it isn’t loaded. If the CD drive is tray-loaded, open the tray and detach the power cable without putting off the power button. Doing this will allow the tray to remain open to enable you have check the slot. Propel dust using a handheld air bulb. Press the bulb to lightly blow dust out of the slot and/or tray. A can of dense air is a dangerous option, so ensure you use brief blasts only to evade extreme force, and check that the spray is totally dry.
  • If the dust blower fails to rectify the fault, then access the lens by removing the lens cover. It may require you to start by loosening the outer case, but you may ignore this if you have a snap-open portable player. Then locate the little screws gripping down the plastic cover over the lens assembly and unscrew them.  This should reveal a small, circular lens to one side of the spindle.
  • Then get a microfiber cloth cleaner. They are being sold at electronics store or eyeglasses. There are also some particular swabs for cleaning electronics will also work. You should only use cotton swabs as a last alternative because they can scratch your lens.
  • Clean the lens using a small amount of high-strength isopropyl alcohol. Cleaning the lens with diluted alcohol can leave a mist on the lens. Wet the cloth slightly, without overly soaking it. Rub the cloth gently over the lens continuously until the center of the lens is shiny and has a blue tinge.
  •  You can use a CD cleaning solution in place of alcohol. If you notice deep scratches on the lens, then it means it is beyond rectification and is totally condemned. However, superficial scratches are hardly noticeable may not pose any issue.
  • Allow the lens to air dry before replacing the cover. You can equally use the air bulb to blow out dust from the interior system. After replacing the lens cover, avoid tightening the screws excessively as it can cause the plastic case.
  • You can equally clean a slot loading CD player with a lens cleaner disc. These discs brush the CD drive lightly, removing dust. Avoid using a CD cleaner disc on a combination CD/DVD player because cleaner discs made for CD players will graze a DVD drive. Check the product label for warnings before purchasing.
  • Another method on how to clean a slot loading CD player is to take it apart and examine the components. This should come up if your CD player still refuses to play after the above-mentioned trouble-shooting. Dismantling the parts may require direction from the manual or the services of a experienced technician.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Car CD Player?

To fix your car CD player, it will cost you about $185 to $300, depending on the make and model. The new factory replacements are more expensive than the mentioned cost.

If you feel your car CD player needs to be repaired by a technician, then you can remove your car radio/CD unit and take it for repairs. However, it may be an issue to extract it from your car without causing any damage.

Before removing the radio, you have to first remove some spruce parts. You need to exercise caution when trying to remove it to avoid damaging any gears. If you are unable to take it out yourself, then you can call for help.

6 Best CD Lens Cleaner (CD Player Lens Cleaner Reviews)

It is ideal to go for the best CD len cleaner why trying to buy one. This is because purchasing an inferior CD player lens will require you to keep buying over and over again since they don’t last

We have compiled the list of best CD player clean disc for car that you can easily purchase online.

1. Memorex CD and DVD Lens Cleaning Kit

Editor’s Rating : 9.7 out of 10

  • It features 6 mega soft brushes
  • It helps to make best use of performance.

2. Maxell DVD Lens Cleaner – 190059 

Editor’s Rating : 9.6 out of 10

  • It is specially designed for DVD players
  • It features Thunderon Brush System

3. Maxell CD-340 CD Lens Cleaner (190048)

Editor’s Rating : 9.2 out of 10
Uses Thunder on Brush System

4. Allsop CD Laser-Lens Cleaner

Editor’s Rating : 9.2 out of 10

  • Features on-screen directions in five different languages
  • Has multiple-aspect test of audio system

5. Digital Innovations CleanDr for Car Audio & Video Laser Lens Cleaner 4190500 

Editor’s Rating: 9.1 out of 10

  • Helps to fix or prevent DVDs or CDs that don’t play
  • Load slowly, skip or freeze during playback
  • Cleaning the laser lens can extend the life of the DVD or CD player, while improving image and/or sound quality

6. Allsop Ultra ProLens Cleaner for DVD, CD Drives, and Game Players (23321)

  • Works perfectly well on most devices
  • You may have to use more than use to see improvement
  • Ensure you only use the CD case that comes with it
  • Avoid placing disc face down on any surface

These are the very Best cd lens cleaner for your car cd or dvd.

Where to Buy CD Lens Cleaner

You can buy CD lens cleaner from Amazon or Ebay and they come with the CD cleaning solution.


A CD lens cleaner is used to efficiently clean the laser lens, in so doing, improving the quality of picture and sound with less playback. With all the points we have discussed above, we hope you wouldn’t have any issues when it comes to cleaning your CD lens player or troubleshooting to find out why your car CD player keep ejecting CDs.

The review of the top 5 best CD player should help you in making the right choice when you want to buy one.

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