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How to Rebuild a Transmission 4l60e: Step By Step 4l60e Rebuild Guide On

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 If you need a  step by step 4l60e rebuild guide on how to rebuild a transmission 4l60e then you have just reached the right article to guide.  If you are caught up in the web of not knowing what it takes to put your transmission 4l60E back on track?

Here is a thoroughly comprehensive guide on how to get the transmission model rebuilt and running at extreme power levels.

In this post I also discussed how to know if my 4l60e is bad because I have in the past been caught up the question how do I know if my 4l60e is bad?

I will also talked about how hard is it to rebuild a 4l60e transmission and then we will round up with how to rebuild a transmission 4l60e with a step by step 4l60e rebuild video guide and write up. So make sure to read to end patiently.

Building from the base or converting a work-in-progress, there is a need to ensure that the total potentials of the transmission areas are duly maximized.

Rebuilding should also imply that you are well aware of the anomaly that spins from the underperformance of the transmission, such as not lasting up to 150, 0000 to 200,000 miles for an average.

The decision to rebuild must also have come after the weighing of its advantages over that of buying a used transmission. Also, knowing the kit specifications and the right tools are integral to the exercise.

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How do I know if my 4160e is bad?

That said, this is a question that does pop up on every user’s mind at some point. The 4L60E transmission may be out of tune with the regular diagnosis of the average mechanic due to its peculiar electronic and automatic configuration, but there are indeed ways to find out some problems with it. These signs, which could help you identify the issues and specify the necessary repairs are as followed:

1. Reverse Gear Issues

A faulty reverse may signify that the reverse clutches have become worn out and unviable. The reverse gear engages slowly or fails to activate when faulty and this problem is partly a result of leakage of fluid in the reverse hydraulic circuit. When fluid leaks from the circuit, you may estimate the damages as minimal, but when the clutches or other damaged components are worn out, the transmission must be wholly repaired or replaced.

2. Upshift and Gear problems

Upshifting complications in the transmission may find answers in the throttle position sensor (TPS); failure of the transmission to upshift does not necessarily imply that there are problems with the transmission. TPS repairs usually have negligible costs. Also, lack of 3rd or 4th gear implies damaged clutches.

3. Shift Inactivation at Wide open Throttle (WOT)

When the shift is not affected at wide open Throttle, there are three possible indications. You can replace the throttle position sensor, use the pressure gauge to recheck the 2nd gear, or examine to see if the 1-2 shift shudders at WOT is delayed or dysfunctional.

4. The 3-4 clutches are not functional and suffers from weariness.

When this happens, replacement is the way out. You can, however, continue with the car in 2, until you reach a mechanic workshop.

5. When there is a shaky sensation in gear.

 This is accompanied by noisiness in starting or when the gear is in operation.

6. When it smells like something is burning in the engine.

Such weird smells are inappropriate and may indicate that the transmission is overheated and burning. It may also mean that plastic or any other inflammable material is trapped and being melted in the engine.

How Hard is it to Rebuild a 4l60e?

You may want to know how difficult rebuilding a 4L60E can be and to be honest with it requires experience.

However, with the right 4l60e rebuild tools and knowledge, you can rebuild your 4l60e in a twinkle. Thinking of the cost? Well, this largely varies.

You would probably get Somax tools at prices different from that of STREETSIDE TOOLS SST and so on.

In the case of hiring a mechanic, rough estimates put the gross in the range of $1000 to $4000. On the other hand, you can do the rebuilding by yourself and spend about $500. To purchase an already rebuilt transmission could cost $2000, including the costs of installation and hiring.

How to Rebuild a Transmission 4L60E: Step by Step 4l60e Rebuild Guide

There are some procedures involved when considering the step by step 4l60e rebuild procedure to rebuild a transmission 4l60e and the follows procedure is the way to proceed with it.

Be sure to also watch the video above for more detailed guide so you don’t make any mistake

Disassembling the Unit.  

To dismantle the transmission unit, some steps have to be taken. The first is to place it well and remove the rear seal from the extension shell.

After this, you check to see if the extension still houses the output speed sensor.

If it does, remove the sensor, the extension housing, and also the yoke seal from the output shaft. The next stage is to detach the round ring from the yoke seal.  

Pump Assembly

This has to do with removing the pump bolts and oil pump. You have to unscrew the bolts and then force the pump out of the case.

A sledgehammer may disfigure the case, so it is advisable to make use of GM special tools.

Input Drum Disassembly

Remove the washer, the 3-4 clutch snap ring, and steel plates. Use an amended pump gear or something like that and then grab the drum by the turbine shaft, flip it over and slam it against the bench again.

This stage also includes removing five boost spring assemblies and forward sprag assembly.

Input Drum Assembly

The input drum shares a unique connection with the turbine shaft. It is made up of a clutch assembly, overrunning clutch assembly, 3-4 clutch assembly, and the overdrive sprag clutch.

At this point, the spring case over the overrunning piston must be replaced with the latter design.

Reverse Drum

The reverse drum is rebuilt with early units using steel piston and waived steel plate or later units using an aluminum piston with a Belleville steel apply for plate.

Carefully inspect the surface of the drum and ensure its cleanliness, flatness, and smoothness.

Other procedures include Gear Train, preparing the case, Valve Body or Governor 4L60e, valve 4L60E body and finally preparing Unit Assembly.

Joining the components into becoming a unit is the conclusive stage of the rebuilding of Transmission 4L60E.

It starts with driving out the bushing and a new bushing and steel. There is a need to use a Loctite for retention, and then install the transmission mount and torque the bolts as required.

If you remove the speedometer drive gear from a 4L60E, this is the time for its reinstallation.

After this, put a new O-ring on the output sensor, and install any external shift lever that came with it. This formally marks the completion of the 4L60E Transmission rebuilding process.


It’s very possible to rebuild your transmission 4l60E, all you have to do is make sure that it is not completely damaged.

If the condition is fair enough, use this guide to revive it. The best way to know that it is a transmission problem is to run proper diagnostic check.

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