Cost for shocks and struts replacement cost(Ultimate Guide) + 2 Struts top & Shock nut removal tool on Amazon

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Shocks and struts are key component of your car that aids your vehicle’s suspension. If you make sudden contact with a small bump on the road and your car fails to bounce, then you may have to replace your struts, especially if they are blown.

Shocks and struts wear out after prolonged usage, thereby necessitating replacement. The lifespan of shocks or struts vary from 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

In this article we examine:

  • How much to replace struts and shocks
  • The Shock replacement cost for a car
  • Car Rear shock replacement cost
  • Shock absorber replacement cost
  • Car Front shock replacement cost
  • Shock and struts replacement cost
  • 2 Strut top nut removal tool On Amazon
  • 2 shock nut removal tool on Amazon

How Much to Replace Strut?

Most car owners feel they can purchase low quality strut for replacement since struts are just small pieces of their vehicle. However, struts are extremely vital for your car’s safety. So, it is advisable to go for struts produced with high quality material to cut down the issue of repeated replacement, which can eventually cause you to spend more in future.

Strut replacement doesn’t have to be done by a professional, you can fix it yourself; but it may take you much time compared to when it is done by a mechanic. Also, propping your car on a jack can be risky, but if you are experienced, then you can fix it yourself.

Strut replacement comes in pairs; you have to replace both sides even if one of them is still in fine shape. Replacement only one may lead to grave suspension problems that may warrant you to end up spending far more than you envisaged.

The brand of struts, model of our car, and where you have your struts replaced are factors that can affect the cost of strut replacement.

Averagely, the cost to replace a pair of strut can range between $450 and $900. The cost of a single strut assembly lies between $150 to $300. Invariably, for parts only, the cost lies between $300 to $600.

Then you have to look at the labor. The service charge for a pair of strut replacement ranges from cost$150 to $300.


Replacing your strut at a car dealership will be more expensive, as it can take at least $1,000 as a typical front strut replacement cost.

Also, it is vital to perform a wheel alignment after strut replacement; this calls for additional cost. A two-wheel alignment takes about $40 to $80 and a four-wheel alignment takes a total of $80 to $160.

Shock Replacement Cost

Shock replacement also comes in pairs, just like struts. Shock replacement is a bit cheaper than strut replacement because they aren’t so intricate when measured up to struts.

The average cost for a pair of shock replacement varies from $250 to $580. The cost for a single shock replacement is about $50 to $140. This means that getting the components alone ranges from $100 to $280, while labor cost for shock replacement is about $150 to $300.

If it warrants replacing all 4 shocks or struts, then you will get the ideal range of cost by multiplying the total cost by two.

Rear Shock Replacement Cost

When shocks and struts start leaking, they will need to be replaced soonest. The rear shock replacement cost is also same with front shock replacement cost. It costs about $280 – $420 for a pair. Unlike struts replacement, you don’t necessarily need to replace the wheel alignment when you replace your shocks.

Front shock replacement cost

The front shock replacement cost is same as the rear shock replacent cost since they come in pairs. It costs about $280 – $420 for a pair. It’s not really necessary to replace all four shocks concurrently unless they are faulty. A vehicle with 4 worn out shocks will call for replacement of the 4 for your ride to be smooth and bump-free.

Shock and Struts Replacement Cost

The shock replacement cost, as we have discussed above ranges from $280-$420 for both while the struts replacement cost ranges from $450 and $900.

Shock and struts replacement cost differs, with strut being more costly than shock due to its complexity. Shock absorbers are packed with oil which may be noticed by an expert mechanic during maintenance. Your car’s shock and struts needs to be replaced immediately if they are leaking oil. This is because both components will automatically stop being operational if there is deficient oil level. Though this oil leaks isn’t the only sign of a fault shock and struts because both can still stop working even when there are no oil leakages.

2 Strut top nut removal tool on Amazon

1. UTMALL 18PCS Steering Hub Suspension Shock Absorber Strut Nut Removal Tool Socket Kit

The UTMALL Hub Suspension Strut Nut Removal Tool allows the extraction the top suspension nut by clutching the strut piston. This is to prevent it from so it doesn’t swivel or rotate while trying to remove the nut.

Also, the socket and ratchet design makes it easier for the extension to pass the focal point.

This top nut remover is to be used in combination with a 1/2″Sq drive ratchet or T-bar.

Additional features and extensions include:

Go-Through Ratchet (21mm)

Go-Through (82mm)

Deep Sockets (16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24mm)

Extensions: Female Hex; 7, 8, 9mm, Male Hex; 6, 7, 8mm, Slotted: 5 x 8, 6 x 8, 7.1 x 9.6mm, TRX-Star*; T50.

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2. Lisle 62300 MacPherson Strut Tool

The Lisle 62300 MacPherson Strut Tool is a low-cost, but excellent safe strut spring compressor that perfectly matches all strut spring sizes, both import and domestic products. It features heavy duty clamps and bolts which firmly grasp spring during the removal process.

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3 Shock nut removal tool on Amazon

1. CTA Tools 3039 14 Pc. Shock Absorber Tool Kit

This shock nut removal tool facilitates the removal of the top suspension nut by handling the strut piston in such a way that it will not rotate while spinning the nut. This tool is fashioned using chrome vanadium.

This shock nut removal tool features:

  • Seven (7) go-through deep sockets
  • 3 hex bits
  • 1 sliding T-Bar
  • 21mm go-through ratchet
  • 2 slotted double-d sockets
  • 82mm deep sockets with different sizes ranging from 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 & 24mm sockets.

This tool is to be used with Used in juxtaposition with the 1/2″ drive sliding T-Bar for additional torque.

It also comes with 3 extensions: Male hex: 6, 7 & 8mm. Includes 2 slotted double-d sockets: 5 x 8 & 6 x 8.

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2. 6 Piece Shock Nut Removal Tool Set Tools for Removing & Installing Shock Nuts

The 6 Piece Shock Nut Removal Tool is used for removing and Installing Shock Nuts. One top advantage of this shock nut removal tool fits most shock stems.

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3. Lisle 20400 Universal Shock Absorber Tool

The Lisle 20400 Universal Shock Absorber Tool is ideal for removing and installing shock nuts. This shock nut removal tool comes in 6-pack. The Hex nut socket perfectly matches the nut with a 9 oz shipping weight.

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Benefits of Struts and Shocks Replacement

Blown struts and shocks will cause you to feel the shock each time you hit a bump on the road, no matter how small. However, replacement of your strut and shock will make you ride enjoyable and you won’t feel the bumps and jolts on the road. Apart from making your ride even and smooth, strut and shock replacement guarantees the longevity of your vehicle and other components.

It is advisable to have your struts and shocks replaced as soon as possible to prevent extra damage of your car’s gears and additional cost of repairs.

How Soon Should I Replace Blown Struts?

If your notice you have blown struts and shocks, ensure you replace it within 7 – 14 days to avoid additional complications on other components. You can still drive your car if the strut or shock recently blew up, but exercise caution, particularly when you are driving on a bumpy road.

Contact your auto-mechanic as soon as possible to have your strut or/and shock replaced. Also, ensure your mechanic checks your struts and shocks during each maintenance and checkup to detect the issue on time.

Conclusion on Cost For Shocks And Struts Replacement Cost

Majority of the contemporary vehicles have struts at the front and shocks in the back or rear. Some other brands may have same type in the four wheels. Struts typically function as the whole suspension assembly while shocks work as part of the whole suspension.

Shocks and struts replacement are necessary because they both work together to manage braking and roll while making a bend. They also boost the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers.

The wear and tear of shock and struts will affect your vehicle adversely if left unchanged. Driving with bad shock and struts will lead to fatal swaying, poor braking, and shaky handling of steering.

Shock and struts replacement can be performed by your mechanic if you lack the experience to fix them.


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