Cleaning Foggy Headlights: How to Clean oxidized headlights with vinegar

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Cleaning Foggy Headlights made easy with this simple layout guide. You don’t have to pay someone to clean foggy headlight because it is as simple as this few steps that I layout below. So in this post, I will show you how to clean oxidized headlights with vinegar.

You may have wondered what really is the causes of a foggy headlight or cloudy headlight when you absolutely do everything within you power to clean and maintain your car.

Well my response to this is simple, oxidation is the primary cause of cloudy and foggy headlight Read this also: HOW TO CLEAN HEADLIGHTS WITH WD40

Your car headlight experience oxidation not due to lack of maintenance but due to a prolong accumulation of chemicals and ultraviolet light from the atmosphere which forms a cloud and foggy appearance on the headlight.

This cloudy and foggy headlight is not a pleasant thing to drive at night with. It prevents you from seeing clearly especially at night and this could lead to serious road accident.

So you need to clean the oxidation on your headlight and we going to see how to clean headlights with vinegar.

And you totally can do this yourself following the steps below to how to clean foggy headlights with vinegar.

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Cleaning Foggy Headlights: How to Clean oxidized headlights with vinegar

So before starting off the process there are few items you want to have handy to begin. One or two you may already have at home and the other one you might have to go and buy it right this minute to get started. You may buy these items at a mall around you or on Amazon here and here.

Items you will need for Cleaning Foggy Headlight:

  1. Clean Small Cotton Towel.
  2. Vinegar
  3. Bowl
  4. And water

So with those lets into the steps.

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How to clean oxidized headlights with vinegar

  • Step 1 – Make a Vinegar Oxidation Cleaning Solution

So first you have to do is to make the vinegar oxidation solution. And you can do this by mixing some portion of the vinegar with water in a bowl.

So you have to add 3 times the total portion of water to 1 portion of the distilled white vinegar you got.  That will mean you mixing 1cup of vinegar with 3 cups of water in the bowl.

Besides using this solution for your car, this solution can also be used to clean your furniture and home glasses, windows and so forth.

  • Step 2-  Pour Vinegar solution into a spray container.

Now you have to pour the vinegar solution mix into a spray can or bottle.  You then have to spray the vinegar foggy headlight cleaning solution on the car headlights.

When doing this make sure to spray all the inner angles or corners of the headlight, so the headlight is fully covered with the solution.

  • Step 3- Allow Solution to Sit for a while.

After spraying all the inner corners of the car headlight, you now have to let it sit there for a couple’s minutes so the solution is fully soaked in the headlight.

  • Step 3- Wipe Cloudy Headlight with a Cloth.

Using your towel, you need to wipe away the dirt off from the car headlight. While doing this, make sure to wipe until you fully dry off the vinegar solution from the headlight. 

This will ensure all dirt, bugs and grime surface present on the headlight is completely removed.

Best way to clean yellow headlights (Cleaning Foggy Headlights)

On some occasion, your car headlights might still look a little yellow or foggy, even after you have cleaned off the noticeable debris from headlight.

If that your experience, then you have to rather use baking powder and vinegar mixture. This will work better.

    You might need to repeat this as many times as your requirement to remove all dirt and make your car headlight shiny and sparkly again.

How to clean headlights with vinegar and baking soda

Please watch this video to see how to use vinegar and baking soda to clean your oxidized car headlight

Conclusion on How to Clean Oxidized Headlights with Vinegar

I hope I was able to show YOU how to clean oxidized headlights with vinegar. Cleaning foggy headlights does not require any special skill, a total novice can make do with this process and get the car headlight looking sparkly again following the steps above on how to clean headlights with vinegar.

So whether you are a total beginner or you have already known how to clean oxidized headlights with vinegar, I just hope you were able to benefit from this article. Please share if you like this post.

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