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Submit a car blog guest post with us. If you own a car blog write for us, we are one of the car blogs that accept guest posts and we love for you to write for us. We are glad you have interest in submitting an automotive guest post on www.

However, because we value our readers and would not want to mislead or misrepresent information that goes against our core value; we have some rules that have to be followed to get your content published on our site.

If you follow the requirements below you sure will get your article published on our site.

Please note, we only accept car blog guest post and car site guest post.

So if you do not own a car blog or have sub-section in your site that carters for cars, please not border submitting a guest post, but if you own an automotive blog or site, then we are more than happy to have you write for us.

Our Automotive guest post Requirements

  • SEO Optimized article.
  • Topics have to be on cars generally, including repairs, maintenance, trends etc.
  • *Your content must be original, that means that the same article has never been published anywhere before, including your own personal blog/site.  We run a check to make sure of this.
  • *We accept articles a minimum of 500 to 1000 words.  We prefer lengthy and quality articles; well bulleted with a scan-able touch to it having headlines, sub-tittles and bulleted lists, etc
  • The article has to be free from grammar and punctuation errors and should be written by a native English writer
  • You should have an Automotive site/section of your site and we love people that have some knowledge about cars to write for us.

Our Guest post price


At the moment, we charge $20 per article published on our site “”. Payment is made after the article has been published. The article will remain permanent on our site with a non-spammy do-follow of a relevant post you wish to link to.

We only accept payment through PayPal. The PayPal details will be provided to you after publishing the post.

  • The post is usually taken down if payment is not received within 24hrs after we publish the article.
  • You are also free to include in your by-line of an extra link to your preferred social site.

So if you like to submit an automotive guest post with us, please forward all articles to for review and publishing. All article will be reviewed and published at our discretion.

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