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This is for you if your BMW Service Engine Soon Light Car Shaking..You see the service engine soon light or malfunction indicator lamp in your BMW car is there as part of a warning system that lets you know that there is a problem with the power train of your vehicle. Also, know that the power train can be your engine or your transmission.

You should know that all the things that you need to make your BMW car move are considered to be part of the power train. So, whenever the BMW service engine soon lights flashing, these are the systems that have probably been affected.

Note that the blinking is a clear sign of danger. Though most experienced car owners will quickly take the car for examination. But however, there are others who may not take the matter very seriously.

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BMW Service Engine Soon Light Car Shaking

So what is service engine soon light?    

The service engine soon light or malfunction indicator lamp happens to be part of your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics system. You should know that the system is run by your vehicle’s computer, which is also known as the electronic control module (ECM).

In this modern-day, the electronic control module operates virtually on every electronic or electrical system of your BMW vehicle. And also, it examines out of range operating parameters that are conveyed by the many sensors and actuators, which includes:

  • The Idle speed motor
  • The Idle air solenoid
  • The Fuel pump
  • The Fuel injectors
  • The EGR solenoids
  • The Canister purge solenoid
  • The Air meter sensor
  • The Evaporative emission sensor
  • The Camshaft and crankshaft sensors
  • The Knock sensor
  • The Oxygen sensor
  • The Engine coolant sensor

A perfect instance is, an actuator or an unpredictable operation of the fuel pump, a sensor may spot a misfire, unusual output voltage and poor fuel injection or any other situation that might interfere with the engine emissions and performance.

Normally, the computer system of your BMW vehicle would wait for a few cycles or try to rectify the problem. But when the computer is unable to rectify the issue, the on-board diagnostics system will have a diagnostic problem code stored in the memory, which in turn causes the service engine soon light to keep flashing.

You should be informed that there are two basic types of monitoring that your BMW engine computer can do: the continuous and non-continuous monitoring.

For the continuous monitoring, the systems in your BMW vehicle are continuously monitored and checked whenever the engine is on. But some common ones are engine misfire and also engine timing concerns. But if something goes wrong with the two of them, then there will be a serious failure.

But when it comes to the non-continuous monitoring, your BMW vehicle’s engine computer will run the required tests anytime the conditions are right. A perfect example is when your BMW engine computer runs the catalytic converter test, and it has to conduct the test when the catalytic converter is at the ideal temperature.

But mostly, your BMW engine computer conducts two-trip monitoring. And generally, it takes two failures before your service engine soon light will actually come on in your vehicle.

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the Causes of BMW service engine soon light and CAR SHAKING

The BMW car shaking issues can be very disconcerting. Most of these problems can be so bad that you will feel like your car is about to break apart. You should know that there are actually several potential causes for this problem that you’ll need to examine. But One of the most serious problems is when you have a broken engine mounts.

Whenever your BMW engine mounts break, it can cause a car shaking issues. Note that this is one of the most common causes for severe car shaking, but if your BMW car shaking issue is very pronounced, then this could be the reason why it’s happening. However, there are other potential causes for your BMW car to shake. And this car shaking problem can also be caused by a faulty spark plugs, bad fuel pressure and a car misfiring issues.

These are possible causes why is your BMW is shaking and this applies to even the BMW 328i service engine soon light car shaking issues too.

For you to figure out which problem is the culprit is going to involve getting your BMW car and engine diagnosed by an expert that has the right tools. The expert needs to be able to hook your car up with their diagnostic equipment so they can determine the issue and get more information. Note that it’s also important to have them physically inspect your engine and other parts of your BMW car to see what’s wrong with it. The experts will be able to diagnose things properly and fix things as long as you don’t wait to take your car in until things get even worse.

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Here is What to do If BMW service engine soon light car shaking

You now know that if you’re experiencing some kind of serious issue with your car, you need to figure out what needs to be done. However, as mentioned above, it is very much possible that your BMW car engine mounts are broken or faulty. It happens to be one of the most common causes of car shaking problems, and so getting those replaced is going to be vital if that’s what’s wrong. But you will need to determine that this really is the issue before you proceed.

Also, know that it is important you know that fixing this problem by yourself isn’t going to be easy. This is because most people are not equipped with the right tools to replace engine mounts. You should locate a local expert mechanic to get things taken care of in the right way. Experts will also be able to figure out if one of the other problems such as misfires, bad fuel pressure is to blame or faulty spark plugs.

Most experts are also going to be able to determine exactly why your service engine soon light is on. Because they can hook it up to their diagnostic tools to run a full scan. And doing this, it will give them all of the necessary information to make a diagnosis.

If you decide to run a scan yourself here is an article that covers more details on how to run a scram on your BMW car.

Also watch this video other insight on what on this problem.

Summary of BMW service engine soon light car shaking

Know that the easiest way to take care of BMW car problem is likely by going to your car mechanic or to your dealership so that things can be checked professionally. And if you don’t want to go this route, then you will want to diagnose the specific problems that are wrong with your car and then you can move forward from there. But whatever you decide to do, it’s very important to fix things before continuing to drive your car.

The car shaking issues should be able to be solved by replacing the engine mounts or also fixing other problems that might be the potential cause. 

And once things are fine, you will be good to drive your BMW car again. And also feel confident that your car is perfectly safe. Please never drive your car when it’s shaking and the service engine soon light is flashing, as this is only going to put you in more danger.

Good experts will certainly be able to diagnose and fix your car problems fast. So take your time to contact your local mechanic or your car dealership today. 

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