4 Best Way to Debadge a Car (How to debadge a car)

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Do you want to see some of the easiest way to debadge a car? I will show you the best way to debadge a car. When you decide to debadge your vehicle, then you want to get rid of the emblems, numbers/lettering or any other object on it. You can debadge a car easily without much effort or experience.

This article shows you the various best way to debadge a car including a video showing you how to debadge your car in 10 minutes. We will also look at what it might cost to debadge a car and is debadging a car illegal? And many more.

Debadging a car gives it some sort of fresh or clean look.  Many people choose to remove badges from their vehicles to improve the looks of their car or get rid of whatever is indicating the previous owner.

Some badges on a car can be removed using wax while others can be much difficult to erase. There are some that were attached by manufacturers using plastic clips or metals which are connected to the vehicle. These might require the work of professionals, however, if the badge is not manufacturer fitted, then debadging is not difficult.

4 Best Way to Debadge a Car  (How to debadge a car)

If you want to debadge your car without damaging the paints, the follow these 4 ways:

  • Attachment of the Badge
  • Loosen the Adhesive
  • Badge removal
  • Cleaning and Waxing

Each of the ways listed above has a different method but they will all achieve the same thing. You need to make sure you remove your badge the right way without it resulting in markings or scratching on the vehicle.

Attachment of Batch

The first best way to debadge a vehicle is to start by  attaching  a batch to the car. So here, the first thing you need to do, is to determine the sort of glue or object that is holding the badge you want to remove. Almost all the badges that are attached to a car from the manufacturer are attached with adhesive glue.

However, there are some that are attached with clips or rivets and they will need to be removed by a professional. Once the badge has been removed, the car will require repainting and refilling. If you aren’t aware of how yours was attached to the car, you can make research or contact the manufacturer. You need to know if it is something you can do on your own or seek experienced help.

Loosen the Adhesive

If you are certain that the badge was held up with an adhesive, then you need to get rid of it. It is very easy to remove an adhesive from a car if it is warm. So, what you need is to heat the adhesive so that you can get rid of it. You need to look for very hot water to pour over the badge. Make sure the water is not hot enough to hurt or damage the car paint. Pour it on the car just above the badge. The water will soften the adhesive when it passes through the badge.

You can also make use of a hairdryer and use the highest setting of heat. Turn it on and swipe it back and forth so that the heat will circulate. It will soften the adhesive and make it easier to remove. However, if the badge doesn’t come off, you can then go for an adhesive remover. Just spray along the edges of the badge and it seeps between the badge and car. After this, the adhesive will loosen.

Badge removal

The next step is to remove the badge since the adhesive has been heated. You can make use of a plastic wedge, car scraper, debit/credit card, dental floss, and so on. Whatever object you choose, place it on the car and press it between the badge and the body. Since it is soft already then you do not need to apply much force to get it off. If you find out it is not soft enough, then you might need to apply the heat again. Putting too much pressure may damage the paint of the vehicle or even break the badge.

If there is any residue of the adhesive left, then you can get rid of that with a removal.

Cleaning and Waxing

After you have debadged your car, you need to wash that spot with soap and water. If you could not get a removal to get rid of any remnants of the adhesive, use warm water and soap to do that. Then scrub the area with a sponge gently and then rinse it with water to make sure it is thoroughly clean.  However, do not use any sort of soap so that you do not clear some parts of your paint, use one that is used for automotive.

After washing, dry the area with the appropriate microfiber cloth and then leave it for one or two hours before applying the wax. You cannot wax a wet surface so you need to make sure it is dry thoroughly. Before you start waxing, make sure your car is not inside the sun as it will not work as it should. Wax can only perform very well in a cool environment; it must not be too hot or wet.

You can now begin to apply your wax evenly with an applicator. After application, wait for it to dry. Some wax dries out immediately while others might take a little time. Now, take a fibre cloth and buff that spot to reveal your shiny paint. These are the easiest way to debadge a car.

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Does debadging a car devalue It

If you have been asking yourself this question, then the answer is YES. When your car has been debadged and you want to sell it later, you might encounter some problems. Re-fixing a badge can be costly and that will be excess expenses on the person purchasing it. Imagine removing the badge that shows the model of a car and wanting to resell it. The person purchasing it might bring down the value you want to sell on the grounds of fixing that badge.

Some people might also think the car was not managed well and this might lead not been able to sell it faster enough.

Is debadging a car illegal?

No, it is not illegal. Removing the badge from a vehicle is actually legal but not really common. You are not committing any crime at all. To some people, the process is pointless but there are some benefit you might get to enjoy if you decide to debadge your car. Like people not been able to guess how powerful the model of your car is. Another one is the type of engine your car uses will not be obvious at just one glance.

The most important one is that you will be able to get rid of any unwanted look from your car. It will make the vehicle look clean and smooth.

Cost to debadge a car: How Much to Debadge a Car

We cannot determine the correct cost of debagging as there are many factors we need to put into consideration when looking at cost to debadge a car. Every vehicle owner has different requests; the badge you want to be removed might not be what the other person also wants. However, whatever badge you might want to get rid of, the cost is between 80 to 250 US Dollars.

If you are doing it on your own, then it is cheaper and affordable. All you might need to get will be the removal. That also depends on whether your badge was attached to the car with glue or clip.

Conclusion on How to Debadge Your Car

This post has explained some of the things you need to do to debadge your car successfully without causing damage or whatsoever. If you follow the ways stated above, then you will achieve what you want in no time. You also can follow the video on how to debadge your car in 10 minutes or less for virtual steps to the process. Those are some of the best way to debadge a vehicle. On average, the cost to debadge a car by a professional can range anywhere around $80 to $250 depending on your vehicle need and set labour charge by detailer.

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